Marco Polo Community
Bill of Rights
Our purpose – to help people feel close – focuses on the emotional well-being of our community because we believe close relationships are key to happiness. This purpose directly informs the technology we build and the business decisions we make.

We’re committed to learning from you and what you need to feel truly connected. We believe the Marco Polo Community Bill of Rights is a step toward building the trust necessary for you to do so.
Your right to data privacy
You have a right to nurture your most important relationships without compromising on trust. We will not sell your data or use your information for third-party advertising. And we are not tracking your interactions outside of our app. We never have and never will.
Your right to transparency
You have a right to transparency into how our company creates revenue. We chose to introduce subscriptions because we want to build a long-term ethical, purpose-driven business that can always be a part of your important moments.

A subscription model means our revenue is tied to delivering real value to our community, not increasing ad impressions. It makes you an active participant, allowing you to voice your support for our paid features and our purpose.
Your right to
authentic connection
You have a right to enjoy authentic connections within our app, connections that enhance your life and contribute to your overall well-being. We do not build products that manipulate your experience or drive usage at the expense of your mental health. We build products that support real connections whenever it is right for you.
Your right to be heard
You have a right to speak to a human being to express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with our product and to know that we hear you and want to hear you. There will always be a way to contact a human being at Marco Polo. Reach a real person here.