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  • November 09, 2020

    Plus Pass 101

    We’re here to share with you the best kept secret of Marco Polo Plus...and, we’ve got big news!

    Did you know that with every Plus subscription you also get 6 Plus Passes to give to friends and family? Anyone who gets a Plus Pass unlocks 2 months of Plus. All for free!

    The 6 free Plus Passes are our gift to our subscribers. In turn, subscribers can gift friends and family an extended trial of the best version of Marco Polo. Go to Settings > Plus Subscription today to give away your Plus Passes, just in time for the holidays! .

    Just announced! We also heard from many of you - you want more! Starting this month, we’re offering Plus subscribers the opportunity to purchase additional Plus Passes for $15 (1 Plus Pass) or $59 (a package of 6 Plus Passes).

    Visit Settings > Plus Subscription > Plus Passes for more.

    We hope that you'll find ways to stay connected to loved ones and that Plus Passes will make that experience even more joyful.