How five women became each other’s ‘everyday’

If the Fab Five had to pick a signature song, it would be a tossup: the empowerment anthem Fight Song or the Friday night party riff This Is How We Do It? Over the course of two weeks, we witnessed heartfelt, hilarious renditions of both as Anna, Crystal, Leah, Sumona, and Whitney welcomed us into their circle to show us how friendship is done.
Friends & Family

Anna: One of the great things about the Fab Five is that everyone is a resident expert. So I’ll introduce us by profession. Crystal is a paralegal, Whitney manages a health club, and Leah is a pharmaceutical account executive. Leah gets our weird medical questions.

Sumona: Leah also refers to life at home as The Gong Show. Anna, “hashtag OurLadyBoss,” is killing it in a senior HR role. Crystal is sweet, kind, and a consummate mother and wife. Whitney is even more beautiful inside than outside, if that’s possible. And I am in branding at a winery, which is how I ended up at Campowerment, where we all first met. My company is the wine sponsor!

Crystal: I’m blessed with a lot of friends, but nobody is as close as these ladies have become. Their four minds provide endless perspective, which has proved to be a lifesaver. Because last year was intense.

Anna: Whitney, Sumona, and I all went through tough divorces or separations and then reentered the world of dating. As a collective five, we’ve had job changes, parenting challenges, medical issues, you name it.

Leah: I have three young kids, a big career, and a husband who does shift work. I always wanted children but was having a hard time with the reality of motherhood, and I’ve criticized myself harshly. By the time I got to Campowerment last year, I was lost. And these incredible women helped me get back to myself.

Anna: After my divorce, I began the first part of IVF, to freeze my eggs. It was a big decision and a big deal. So I brought the girls into the procedure room over Marco Polo for support, in my full hospital gown and everything. The hospital gown was actually pretty funny.

Sumona: These days there are so many ways to connect, yet we’re more disconnected than ever. You can see what a high school acquaintance had for breakfast, but you can still end up feeling lonely. Marco Polo is the one platform that actually brings people closer together, even with five wildly different schedules and time zones.

Anna: Ladies, I’m not sure anyone has given me credit for bringing Marco Polo to the Fab Five. Campowerment recommended it for staying in touch, so I asked if everyone wanted to try it. I had no idea it would have such an impact. We talk every single day, 10 times a day.

Sumona: And it’s not all, ‘Oh God, how did Marco Polo help you get through this crisis…!’ It’s the positives too. We have become each other’s everyday. And when Crystal gets her Party Girl on, we get to see some fun Polos.

Crystal: There’s some crazy stuff on there.

Whitney: Nothing is off limits, it’s authentic, and we’re unafraid to have conversations that are bold, brave, and true. And with Marco Polo, someone is going to be available to help carry you, even if it’s the middle of the night. We’re not the best sleepers, this troop!

Leah: Marco Polo is absolutely one of the reasons the Fab Five is so successful. Just yesterday my kids and I planted seedlings in our garden, and the others said they could see how much I was enjoying myself. They said I radiated happiness and peace. Even my skeptical husband recognizes the support I get from using Marco Polo with this group. I am beyond grateful.