A brand new way to share more of your world with more of the people in it.

Connect in a way that feels entirely new

Just one Polo connects your worlds

Everyone together in one place–family, friends, in-laws, work pals, travel buddies–but only you can see all the participants in your Sharecast.

The feeling of one-on-one, the ease of a group

Everyone can see the Polos you share but only you can see participant reactions and video responses. That means you get all the amazing connections without cross conversations and off-topic distractions.

A note from our team

Why did we build Sharecast? Because our purpose–helping you feel close–is what drives us. We’re committed to building the technology you need to connect in a way that works for you. Sharecast is the latest tool that we hope will help you feel closer to the people who matter most. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

What will you share?

The topics for Sharecast are endless. Here are some ways we’ve seen Sharecast used.

Family fun

From baby’s first steps to dog park antics.

Jetsetting & roadtripping

From whirlwind adventures and deployments to weekend getaways.

Video diaries

From DIY remodels to daily vlogs.

Professional touchpoints

From team communications to community organizations.
Start sharing your world!

Need more?

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