How does Channels work?

Like Marco Polo, what lies at the heart of Channels is simple, authentic video communication.

But Channels is its own app, with features designed specifically to support effective interactive coaching. Here are the core features that make connecting over Channels authentic, simple, and convenient. You can also view a full product demo here


Posts, comments, and replies all appear on the Posts tab. Your content shows first, and member posts are displayed chronologically. Content is easy to find, with no algorithms getting in the way. You share videos with your members when it works for you, and they can watch whenever it’s convenient for them.


If you have links, photos, or videos to share, use the Extras tab to put them all in one place for easy access. You can create different categories, organize items however you choose, and even duplicate an Extras tab from one Channel to another. Available with Standard and Pro Plans.


The place for one-on-one interaction if someone wants to connect with you privately. Available with the Pro Plan.


Member engagement plays an important role in your Channel because it builds community interaction and fosters authentic personal connections. With video and audio comments, members can be seen and heard.


View and share all the content in your Channel from your computer desktop. From your desktop you can also create new Channels and prepare content in advance, then post when you’re ready.

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